GM-1 from Mangosteen

Xanthones are natural substances found in the Genus Garcinia, particularly in mangosteen.

Scientific studies, particularly by the scientists of the Thai Mangosteen Research and Development Center (TMRDC) at Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited (APCO) have established the following activities of xanthones :
1. Growth inhibition and the ability to kill antibiotic-resistant gram-positive bacteria, the effectiveness equals that of vancomycin.
2. Anti-inflammatory, 3 times as effective as aspirin.
3. Analgesic (pain relieving) and anti-allergy.
4. Anti-oxidant – preventing heart diseases from LDL cholesterol oxidation.
5. Kills breast cancer cells, leukemia cells, liver cancer cells, kidney cancer cells, stomach/intestinal cancer cells, and lung cancer cells (based on laboratory testing).
6. Kill tuberculosis bacterium (based on laboratory testing).
7. Inhibit the propagation of HIV (based on laboratory testing).
8. Increase the phagocytosis, the cellular process of eliminating foreign matters and bacteria.
9. Inhibit cartilage deterioration and increase bone mass (based on laboratory testing)
GM-1 is found, by scientists at TMRDC, to be the most active amongst 41 xanthones in mangosteen.
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(Wilawan Mahabusarakam)
Because of the broad spectrum of pharmacological activities, mangosteen juice containing xanthones have been used, particularly in the United States, to increase the body ability to cope with pain, fever, inflammation, diarrhea, bacterial and viral infection, atherosclerosis, aging, arthritis, mouth ulcer, intestinal ulcer, stomach ulcer and cancer.
To obtain a more efficacious formulation than the ordinary mangosteen juice, GM-1 in the capsules is mixed with its synergistic herbal extracts.
In the latest studies, scientists at TMRDC have found significant results which shed light on how GM-1 acts on the body system, modulate the immunity and is responsible for the wide spectrum of activities. This led us to believe that GM-1 will help the body to cope not only with the aforementioned physical complaints, but also with Alzheimer, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, cataract and glaucoma, vertigo, high blood pressure and other auto-immune related diseases.




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